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Ilyushin Il-86 late takeoff

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Заголовок Ilyushin Il-86 late takeoff
Раздел Авиация Рейтинг
Дата 01-06-2012, 20:10 Время 2:21
Добавил mafiay Просмотров 999
Хостер YouTube International Комментариев 1
Описание A takeoff like this seems spectacular, but is also very dangerous.
At each takeoff a safety speed is calculated: V1.
Before reaching V1 you can safely stop the aircraft on the runway.
After V1 you will have to continue the takeoff no matter what. This is because it is safer to get the damaged aircraft in the air than to try and stop it on a short runway.

Just imagine what will happen to this jet when an engine fails...

Despite all that the IL-86 is one of the safest airliners around, with only one fatal accident.
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  1. mafiay
    01-06-2012, 21:01
    Принцесса Джулианна просто отдыхает!!!

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